Saturday, December 12, 2009

At the liquor store

I picked out my poison, went and got a cola out of the cooler, and got in line at the cash register.

While I was standing there, one of the employees went over and rearranged the cooler a bit, pulling bottles and cans forward so it all displayed properly. Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted ginger ale instead of cola.

So I walked back over to the cooler, and pushed back the cola bottle to make room to put mine back. I took a bottle of ginger ale and then reached back, pulled the next bottle forward so as to not mess up their display.

As I walked back over to the line I heard the owner, who was standing at their drive-through window, say, "thank you." I looked over and saw that he was saying it to me. Once he caught my eye he said it again.

It caught me by surprise for a moment to realize he had noticed me do such a little thing. And chosen to say so, us being strangers and all. Then I felt a little, tiny moment of pride. I smiled very big at him and gave him my best, "no problem," paid for my purchases and went on my way.

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