Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pipe Dreams?

So I was looking around, trying to find useful forums in which to "advertise" my blog.
I've started saying something about it in the motorcycle forum that I frequent, and every time I have it's driven at least some traffic to the site. That has inspired me, and shown me how easy it CAN be to start building more readership.

I went to the website of my favorite magazine, because much of what will be my subject material is closely related to theirs. I figured that people interested in that magazine might also be interested in what I have to say.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a "forum" there, so the intent of my original efforts proved futile.

However, I learned something while I was there that kinda got me excited.

They are hiring.

I don't want to say too much yet, or even name the publication. With this blog, I'm trying to EASE my way into saying much of the things I want to say. I want to establish my style, my personality, and my intent gradually, and try as hard as I can to build initial readership while bypassing people's biases. My true intent is to COMMUNICATE things, and really to stop "preaching to the choir." To present information, and possible solutions, that are NOT based on BIAS, but facts, information and education. It's a delicate process, and I'm not even sure it's possible in our current cultural landscape.

To name the magazine at this point, or to even post the words they used in their "hiring" ad that really got me excited and made me feel like I have a chance, could jeopardize that intent. To do so might give a premature impression that I "lean" this way or that, when frankly I don't.

So, well, I don't guess this is a very informative post.

I just wanted to share my excitement at a POSSIBLE "dream job" that I'm going to try really hard to get.

The "what we're looking for" part of their ad is what gives me hope. My resume in no way demonstrates my eligibility for this job.
Number of "credentials" that I have on paper that demonstrate my eligibility: Zero.
Amount of "professional experience" I have that demonstrates same eligibility: Zero.

But the main part of that ad, what seems by ITS writing to be the most important criteria, fits me so perfectly it may as well have been written BY me.

And, it's a job WRITING. Something I do a lot, in some form or other, and something I believe I do extremely well.
So, theoretically I SHOULD be able to "write" something good enough to show them that no one else could possibly do this job as well as I can.

So that is my goal, and I'll begin it this evening (right now, in fact). I am going to attempt, by Monday morning, to write a "cover letter" and "why you should hire ME" that is so good, and relates so perfectly to their mission (I already do), that it would be crazy to consider hiring anyone else.

Wish me luck. If it works, obviously this blog will hear all about it, and probably be changed forever. If it doesn't, it will be back to business as usual, and I'll continue my gradual process.

Thanks for reading.


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