Friday, December 18, 2009

What I Learned Today

Do you really "learn something new every day?"

Do you try to learn things, or let it happen as it will?

Those are just musings.
But I did just learn something. I was going to call this post "Note To Self" and not publish it (I've got lots of notes, ideas and outlines saved in my drafts), but I did kinda state at the beginning of this whole thing that I'm going to be learning as I go. My intent is to learn and grow from this, and I think it might be interesting to allow that learning process to be witnessed by my readers, intentionally.

It pertains to this "instant publishing" ability brought to us by lovely digital technology. I just published the next part of my summer story, having done minor previewing/editing and thinking it was good enough. That usually is good enough for my purposes, but I'm not trying to write "good" anymore, I'm trying to write "great." I want to go somewhere with this. After publishing it I took a look at it to make sure my pictures were showing up like I wanted. (They weren't but that's another story.) And of course I read the whole post again, and of course I found a few words and phrases here and there that could still use improvement. So of course to not slack off on my mission I set about making them better.

I changed a couple of things, republished, re-read up to that point (from the beginning, checking flow) and thought, "yeah, that's much better" and read on. And found more. Second verse same as the first, do it all again.

Perhaps it can be seen where I'm going with this.
I was eager to have something UP on the blog, so I kept re-publishing between edits, naively thinking that I wouldn't find more things to fix as I went along. Time flies when you're having fun, so this process probably took over an hour.

What if all my readers came on and read it in the first fifteen minutes?
Or spread out over time? They might have all read different "drafts" when really all it needed was two.
Maybe nobody read the best, finished version.

What if one of them was a publisher or somebody, and was almost impressed?

THIS post isn't edited at all. It's just a note to self, which is:

Don't be an overeager dumbass. (Why does the spellchecker think "dumbass" is spelled wrong?) Make sure it's the best it is going to be BEFORE clicking on "PUBLISH POST."

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