Monday, January 4, 2010

Personal Definition of Concepts

I just found it interesting that when your focus changes, sometimes how you define certain concepts do too.

The example of the moment is "productivity."

Last night I stayed up all night surfing the internet.  I read MANY blog posts, searched for new blogs that interest me, made a few comments here and there.  I finally started a Facebook page of my own, something I have mixed feelings about.

I also wrote a bit here, but nothing completed for posting yet.

The Facebook was, of course, an incredible distraction once I got started on it.  I searched several schools that I went to and found that I knew almost no one that I went to school with.  Oh well, the drawback of having been a lifelong "loner."  I did find some of my friends from back in the day, and reconnected with some more recent ones.  I added several of my family members.

Since my whole purpose in starting the page is mainly to network for various reasons, one of which is  to start generating more traffic for this and future blogs, I will do my best to refrain from spamming my old friends immediately with "check out my blog!"  I have selfish motives, but I'm also very interested in how my friends' lives are working out.  I look forward to being more "in touch" than I am traditionally.

What I just realized is that I've now experienced a conceptual definition shift.
What I did last night, for most people and until my recent past, was waste a lot of time on the 'web.  An entire night of it.

But now I'm focusing on doing something different, partly for a living and partly as a stimulating hobby.
I want to WRITE, professionally in some capacity.  I'm trying to hash out some ideas in my head and find a voice with which to write a book (I actually have strong ideas for more than one kicking around in there).

Much of what I read last night was also stuff on how to make money blogging.  ( )  And I learned a lot.
My blog searching was mostly for the purpose of finding similar bloggers with which to network.  The comments, while real and honest, were mostly for the purpose of starting to network more and hopefully drive more traffic to my own blog.

So was finally signing up on Facebook.

So...  while what I did all night was pretty much the same thing I do a lot: reading and chatting on the internet (though I did do it differently, in different places, but it felt the same), because of a change in my own personal perspective and motivation my definition of that activity suddenly changed.

The very same activity that only yesterday would have been a "waste of time," is now defined as exactly the opposite: Productive.

As I sit here and think about it, I'm very intrigued by this concept.
Perhaps if our habits are so difficult to change, maybe there are ways to adapt our lives, focus, perspective, motivations, etc. in such a way as to turn "bad" habits into "good" ones.

I'd like to finish this post with two questions:
1. What other examples of a "changed definition" can you think of?

and 2. What other ways can you suggest of adjusting behaviors or perspective to turn bad habits into good ones?


  1. "I will do my best to refrain from spamming my old friends immediately with "check out my blog!"

    LOL!!! You lasted exactly 21 days before guiding me here from Facebook! Good for you. ;) I'm enjoying reading what you've written.

  2. OH NO!
    Time just flies and wastes away. While I'm proud that I lasted so long (and am doing my best to not "spam" by posting links to blogs that are related to the subject already mentioned), I'm ashamed that I've only posted here twice in that time.

    I need to stop doing what I'm doing, and get on with what I need/want to do!